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Getting past the TSA during difficult times


Have you ever wondered what happens when your on a faraway vacation and you loose your wallet or purse? How will you get back home? Similarly, what happens if your license expires and get a temporary paper replacement (Which isn't consider an official ID). Can you get pass the security screening at the airport and still board an airplane?

It turns out the Transportation Security Administration does have some sympathy and will work with you to find other ways to identify who you are. Just be safe and plan on arriving extra early for your flight.

According to the official site:

We understand passengers occasionally arrive at the airport without an ID, because of losing it or inadvertently leaving it at home. If this happens to you, it does not necessarily mean you won't be allowed to fly. If you are willing to provide additional information, we have other ways to confirm your identity, like using publicly available databases, so you can reach your flight.
If we clear you through this process, we may give you additional screening. If we can?t verify your identity, you may not be allowed to enter the screening checkpoint or to board a plane.

Meanwhile for those in Massachusetts waiting for your official Identification:

If you get a temporary license at the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles, you won't have to wait too long for your official identification. The good news is that the Massachusetts RMV will mail you your official license in about 7 days. (Good luck trying to find that information on their site!)

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