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Group Photo Opportunity


Have you ever been asked to take a photo of a bunch of people that you don't know? It can be hard to get everyone looking at the camera so the photo is perfect.

The next time that you get asked, do everyone a huge favor and take multiple photos. Don't be afraid to take 10 to 15 pictures of the group.

We are beyond the age of film photography and people had to worry about using up film. If the person that owns the camera doesn't like the photo they can just delete it. What they can't do is bring back the moment to take a better photo because someone blinked or wasn't looking at the camera for the one shot that you took.

I can't count how many times when I ask someone to take a picture that they basically do the bare minimum and take one or two photos.

If you don't know how to use the camera ask the owner. You should ask if the photo doesn't look right. Perhaps the camera is in the wrong setting for the environment your in. Don't be afraid to speak up as you are the best judgment on how to give them the best possible shot.

You could also have people do different things to give them a fun shot, such as ask everyone to be silly or to have everyone do a thumbs up.

Be creative with the next time you are asked and by all means take more than a couple of pictures.

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