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Coprorate Challenge

Tonight I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. Here are some notes on doing better in the next 5k run:
  • Arrive Early and Position yourself on a better place on the starting line. I spend the first mile or so getting to my ideal 5k pace and as a result it caused me to run slower at the start and then have to run faster later.
  • Practice running longer distance than the race itself.
  • Know the course. This actually help me measure how much further I had to know, I had landmarks to aim for.
  • Eat less food and water before the race at least 3 hours before the race. Run on an empty stomach.
  • Don't stop for water breaks. This is a 5k, you don't need water breaks.
  • At this years Boston's 5k race, I found staying on the left was one way to avoid walkers.
  • If your walking the 5k, stay to the right or walk on the sidewalk. Otherwise you'll get hit
  • The ChronoTrack B-Tag that's on the number tag can cause some interference with some personal induction loop systems, and this caused static in my music.



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