May 1, 2012

Plaxo Platinum Sync


Today I got an email from Adrian Hurel that "Thanks for purchasing Platinum Sync." Which is very weird since I rarely ever use the Plaxo service. (I believe I signed up because a friend on Facebook was on it.) I am very sure that I didn't recently upgrade.

FYI: Plaxo brings all your contacts into one place, gives you access to your data where you need it, and keeps your address book up-to-date. You can upgrade for $5 a month to add 2-way, real-time sync keeps your address book consistent and accessible from the essential communication tools you use every day.

To make sure that I didn't upgrade, I logged into the service - not too quickly as it took several tries since I completely forgot what my username/password was. After a few choice guesses, I was in. I notice that my "membership" was still at the basic level and its still free. I also noticed that I only have 3 contacts in Plaxo, so I don't think I would have upgraded.

I don't know if something weird happened at Plaxo, as I have no idea why they think I purchased their Platinum service. Guess they need better QA on their emails.

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