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1988 CCHS Graduation


This week the Concord-Carlise 1988 Graduation Class will meet for the 20th reunion. Wow, where has all the time gone-

Just image what the world was like back in the late 80's; Ronald Reagan was President, the war in Afghanistan was control by the Russians, Apple was selling Macintosh Plus, Michael Dukakis was to be the Democratic Nominee.

Download the Graduation Exercises from June 4th, 1988 and see how many people you may recognize.


Economic Crisis

Have you wondered why all of a sudden there's a lot of government bailout information in the news? This is no accident.

The United States government is trying to put some confidence back to the consumers to start spending this holiday season. Black Friday is only a couple of days away, and they are hoping all the good news will save the Christmas season.

Will this work? No one knows. I predict that Black Friday will be big this year, due to all the big deals. I suspect that this year the big deals will be on Flat screen TVs and clothes. Don?t forget to add Circuit City to your shopping list! I'll be looking for great deals on 8GB USB devices.



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