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Soprano's Piano Bar


Last year we went to St Maarten and enjoyed lots of great meals at some of the local restaurants. One of the restaurants is the Soprano's Piano Bar and Restaurants located near the airport in Philipsburg.

This was a great restaurant, we enjoyed a true Italian meal and enjoyed the Soprano atmosphere. The meal was a little expensive, but we thought it was worth it and we plan to go back again.

Download the Soprano's Piano Bar menu and see what on the menu at a real Soprano's restaurant.


Trillian Chat Problem


For the past couple of days I was having problems with seeing the chat window in Trillian. For some reason when I would open a chat window the window would not be accessable. I could see the window open in the dock, but I couldn't access it. I tried everything to get it working, I updated the software, restarted the computer and I still couldn't access the window.

I figured out the problem after a while and its related to having two monitors connected to my computer. For some reason the chat window was opening the window in the old monitor position, moved the location of the second monitor from being on the right of the primary monitor to being on the left. Trillian was opening the window on the right instead of the left.

The solution is to disconnect the second monitor, right click on the desktop, select properties, then Settings, then right click on the second monitor icon, and select Attached and click Apply and OK. Then I open up a chat window in Trillian and it opened in the Primary monitor. I then right clicked on the desktop, selected properties, then Settings, and again select the second monitor icon and then reapplied the Attached and click Ok. Now I'll be able to see the chat window.



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