October 30, 2008

Fairfield Inn Credit Form

Last December I stayed at Fairfield Inn in New Jersey on a business trip and wanted the company pay for my stay. I didn't want to put my stay on my Credit Card and have to reimbursed the expense of the stay. The person at the desk wanted my company to fill in a Credit form so they could be allowed to charge expenses on the company credit card.

I was surprise that they had to fax the form to my company to have them fill it out and then have them fax it back to the hotel. This was an issue because I wasn't sure if the company fax machine was working. In the Internet age, it seems to me that someone in Accounting should be able to goto Fairfield Inn's website and just download the form.

Download the Fairfield Inn Credit Form PDF. While this form is specific to the Fairfield Inn that I stayed at, it should be good enough for any Fairfield Inn in the United States.

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