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Macitosh 8600


When I moved to California, in 1996, I was looking to update my Centris 660av to a more powerful computer. At the time the only computer that was similar was the Macintosh 8600. It had the same Audio/Video capabilities, but the cool thing was that it was a Power Macintosh!

The computer met all my expectations, it was easy to use and very easy to add additional cards, memory and disk space. I did add a second hard drive and tried several different video cards to try the latest Audio/Video technology.

When I left California, in August 2002, I decided to donate the computer to the Oakland School district. This wasn?t a hard decision since I didn?t use the computer that much since I had some more powerful computers.

Download the specifications of the Macintosh 8600, and read about the great configurations of this computer.



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