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Las Vegas Hotel Information


Las Vegas is a fun place to go, there?s so much to see and do. There?s the famous shows, the night clubs, the endless buffets and of course the gambling.

Indian Casinos are appearing all over the country; however it?s no match for the history and excitement of Las Vegas. Vegas is the place to go for entertainment. It?s something special to say that you?re going to Vegas on vacation.

Las Vegas Blvd, commonly known as ?The Strip? is the place to stay when you?re in Las Vegas. The best place to stay is between the Luxor and the Mirage Hotels.

When I lived in California, I visited Las Vegas many times. I created a PDF document of all the popular hotels in Las Vegas, and used this to call the hotels and see if they had any weekend specials. I found lots of good deals by calling the hotels directly.

Download the Las Vegas Hotel Information and call your favorite hotel to see if there are any special promotions. You?ll be surprise on some of the deals the hotels are offering!

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