May 23, 2008

Johnny Most

Johnny Most was a radio broadcaster for the Boston Celtics from 1953-1990. He is remembered for his raspy voice and for getting emotional with the game. It was a total different game when Johnny Most made the call.

In 1987, Johnny Most and Glenn Ordway launched a promotion called "Dream Game." This was a special audio cassette that made you the hero of a Celtic game. The "Dream Game" is a five-minute radio broadcast that has you making the winning shot during a Celtic/Laker game. This was a very creative gift for any Boston Celtic fan.

I was very fortunate that my parents got me a "Dream Game" for my high school graduation, if you have Real Audio you can listen to the broadcast that was made for me. Also visit the Real Audio gallery to see all the other Real Audio clips that I made available.

You can also download the "DREAM GAME" brochure.

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