May 21, 2008

Westminster Abby

In 1990 we took a trip to London and Switzerland. We visited several tourist sites in London including Westminster Abby. The funny thing was that we took a bus tour of London and got off at an unscheduled stop to see the Westminster Abby. The tour bus was driving by and describing the church but wasn't doing a scheduled stop, we got off the bus at the traffic light.

I enjoyed the history of the church and all the beautiful artwork in the church. If your planning a trip to London, you should add Westminster Abby to your sites to see. You may have also heard the name Westminster Abby from Rodger Miller's song called "England Swings."

You can now download the Westminster Abby brochure.

Westminster Abby is a historical church located on St. Margaret Street in the heart of London - very close to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

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