May 16, 2008

1991 Peace Flyer

When I was cleaning up this week, I came across a flyer that I got when I was in college in 1991. This flyer was promoting a march on the Washington Mall to encorage Peace in the Middle East. This particular flyer was distributed by the local Boston charter. Download it and see what peace activists were saying in 1991 and how much is still true today.

Here's one quote from the flyer:

BUSH CHOSE DOUBLE STANDARDS! The U.S. barely supported a decade of sanctions that finally forced the Government of South Africa to negotiate with the African African National Congress. It took nine years of economic sanctions to transform racist Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. The world looks in disbelief as U.S. allies in this war continue to occupy conquered territories: Israel in the West Bank, Gaza, and Southern Lebanon, Syria in Lebanon, Turkey in Cyprus, Morocco in the Spanish Sahara.

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