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Busy Cleaning Weekend

This past weekend we did some serious cleaning in our apartment, here's what were able to accomplish:

  • 150lbs of trash on Saturday
  • 7 Bags of Clothes donated to St. Vincent de Paul
  • 12 Small Boxes of Misc Items to Goodwill

Overall it was a very successful weekend, We were able to remove a lot of things that we just don't need anymore. Note that we have been cleaning all week and just did several trips on Saturday to the Recycle center and Goodwill.

We saw a lot of people out and about doing spring cleaning but none were as aggressive as we were. Spring Cleaning is well underway.

We aren't done yet, we still have a lot more things to get rid of and still have some things in cue ready for this weekend trash and goodwill run.

Later this week I'll be putting things on eBay to see if there's some demand for some of the things I have been collecting over the years. I have done some basic research and have found that some of the stuff isn't as valuable as I thought they would be.



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