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Beverages on Airplanes

Beverages on Airplanes

In the C terminal at the San Jose International Airport, there is a NOAH'S New York Bagles counter. Here's a brief price list on November 6, 2007:

Fountain Soda $1.89
Milk $1.99
Juices $2.79
Bottle Water $2.19

The prices of beverages is importaint to look at, since passengers are unable to bring drinks past security. This is due to strict Homeland Security regulations.

However the drinks go through the same security screening as any other luggage. While I was in San Jose I noticed that a couple of cases of water was going through security. They weren't "double checking" the water or doing some complex chemical analysis. The water went through the same xray as my suitcase. However, I couldn't bring water beyond this point.

I think the liquid restrictions are unnessary and should be removed. I have no problem with drinking in front of security to show that the liquid is what it says it is. I do have a problem having to pay $2.19 for bottle water. Seems to me that some people are profiting from this regulation.

You can bring food past security. Which is good. I usually have these in my laptop bag:

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