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Power Port on Jet Blue


JetBlue doesn't offer PowerPorts for laptop users. Don't go out an purchase an iGo, or some expensive power converter for a long flight on JetBlue. You won't need it.

I guess JetBlue thinks that since they have TVs at every seat, they didn't need to offer Power ports. The problem is that not everyone plans to watch TV, some people might need to work during the flight.

I recently took a Red-Eye from San Jose to Boston and most people did have their TVs on. I was the last person on the plane to have the light on as I was trying to finish a book on the flight. This particular flight offered the FOX Pay-Per-View movies for free. I guess JetBlue does this since there's nothing really on TV.

Possible Solution

So the easy solution to this is to just buy an extended battery for your laptop so that it lasts the entire trip. The total travel time to California from Boston is about 6 hours. In most cases just having a five hour battery pack would be good enough.

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