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Game 2: Fenway Park Wallpaper

Good job Red Sox on winning Game 2 of the World Series.

Today's Fenway Park wallpaper was taken on September 14, 2007. When I attended my first Red Sox / Yankee game. We had tickets on the right field roof, just under the Budweiser sign.

The right field roof is special seating area in Fenway Park. Ushers check all tickets before entering this area. There is a large bar that is available to all ticket holders. Fenway fact, the wood top of the bar in the right field roof deck, is wood from the old Fenway bowling alley floor. The right field roof is where the Jimmy Fund sign used to be.

This was the second longest game in baseball history, and the Red Sox ended up loosing after leading for much of the game. Jonathan Papelbon later blamed a migraine headache for his bad performance in the game.

Enjoy this 1280 x 850 Fenway Park wallpaper.

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