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Amtrak 128/Boston

Taking the train to Delaware from Boston

At the Route 128 Station, you should consider parking at the second level. This is because when you return you will be going upstairs to get back to the terminal. By parking upstairs you can make your return trip easier.

You can buy Doritos at the vending machine at the Route 128 Station for $1.00. On the train Doritos and Pepsi 16oz cans sell for $1.75. Plan ahead and bring snacks with you on the train, you?ll not only save money but you?ll probably pack better snacks.

AAA Members get a 10% discount when booking Amtrak tickets in advance. In some cases this makes a First Class ticket the same price as regular class. Note this discount doesn?t apply to Acela trains. I highly recommend taking the Acela train since its the fast way to travel by train, you save an hour by going from Boston to Phil.

As for Internet access on Amtrak trains, they are still working on it. I asked the conductor if any of the first class cabins have Internet access and he told me that they are trying to make it work on the Acela. Using my Verizon phone I had no problems with phone connections and it looks like that the PCI Wireless cards would work.

I am not really not sure if its worth spending $30 to upgrade to First class on the Amtrak Regional. I believe on the Amtrak Regional you are paying for slightly more leg room and a quieter car. On the Acela First Class includes a meal.

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