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Panda Express

Got to love the Orange Chicken at Panda Express

In the American Airlines terminal at the Ronald Reagan airport there is a Panda Express restaurant. I really like the Orange Chicken at Panda Express, very yummy and certainly worth a sample if you haven't tried it yet. I remember when I lived in San Jose and enjoyed going to the Panda Express near my apartment near the Capital Expressway movie theaters.

Near the Airport there's another Panda Express at the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington which is a couple of stops away on the Blue and Yellow Metro. If you are catching a flight out of Reagan National. I would suggest going a little early and catching a bite at the mall. You'll probably have better seating opportunities and there's better food selections, including some sit down restaurants such as TGIF Fridays.

The prices at the Mall and the airport are the same, at least that's the case for a Panda Express meal. So it isn't any cheaper to stop at the mall or to goto the airport. However, the Mall does have more food and shopping options. The Panda Express at the American Airlines terminal is in an area where they have few tables.

The METRO stops right at the Pentagon CityMall, so there's little walking from the train to the food court. Not too bad even if you have a suitcase. You'll be doing more walking at the airport than from the Metro to the food court.

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