January 6, 2004

Trouble in the Support Group

495nsg in Trouble
In 2002 a Networking support group was created for people that were unemployed in the area around 495 in Massachusetts. The group orginal goal was to offer job search support and to bring guest speakers to talk about how to get a job.

By the summer of 2003, the support group started to loose its steam. Many people were fustrated with the political rambling between volunteers that were running the group and membership started to fall off.

Currently on the mail server there is word that the officers never approved the bylaws and an election that was supposed to happen on the 21st of this month will not occur.

I would highly recomend that if your looking for a support group in the Boston area to consider Wind Networking. This is a group that is run by career professionals who are focus on the job market and not the polical issues of running the organization.

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