December 18, 2003

Lord of the Rings


Last night I was fortunate and had the opportunity to see Lord of the Ring: Return of the King on opening night.

We saw the 8:40pm show at Solomon Pond Mall and it was a full house. The line for the show started before 8pm, since we arrived shortly after 8 and was the last in line before they started to let people in. We still had great seats and since it was stadium seating, there wasn't a problem with seeing the whole screen.

Overall I thought it was a great movie! It seemed to start really slow, but once the action started it was really fun to watch. I would highly recommend watching this movie on the big screen and not see it for the first time on DVD. There was a hint at the end that there maybe future Lord of the Rings movies.

Who knows, will this be another Star Wars movie, where another series comes out 10 years later.

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