November 26, 2003

Haunted Mansion Movie


I saw the Haunted Mansion Movie tonight and thought it was a pretty good movie. I am a little suprise that the movie got a PG rating, since there were a couple of scary scenes. You have to love the first three words of the movie!

I did notice three haunted mansion icons that were not shown in the movie:

  • The Stretching Room Gallery
  • The Caretaker with the dog outside the cemetary
  • Little Leota (Who encorages guests to come back)
Other than that its definitely a movie worth seeing. The theater wasn't crouded since it was the day before Thanksgiving and I saw the 9:40pm showing. Which was intentional since there would be fewer children and its always best to visit the Haunted Mansion at night.

As for the sound track, you only here some of the music. Probably not worth buying the album.

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