August 14, 2003

Economic Summit


Romney Marty Meehan held an Economic Summit at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts early this morning. Turnout was pretty large, consisting of mostly local business and political leaders.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told the attendees the five criteria most business use in determine where to relocate thier business:

  1. Cost of doing business in the new location.
  2. Moving Incentives
  3. School, Saftey and Surrounding (3 S's)
  4. Strategic Assetts "Capitol Resources"
  5. People (Skills, Work Motivations)
Eastern US Blackout:
CNN was reporting that the power outage that lasted for 4 hours in much of New York, and parts of Canada was the first test of the Homeland Security Department. However, this isn't true. There has been plenty uses of the new department that was created on January 24, 2003:
  • Alerting the public of the threat of the Internet Worm
  • Changes to Airport Security
  • Handling the National Threat Level

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