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Name:James G. Groh Jr
Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:March 8 2006
Comments: I was in 1/6 infantry in Vilseck Germany and my unit was going to war and I wanted to defend my country so myself and many other Infantry Brothers and Sisters put our name on a list and the army transferred us to a unit in Bamberg Germany called 335 armor, we were all active duty and that is who I went over to the Gulf With. I was an E-4 Specialist in the Military. I was so upset that we could not finish the war 1 more day and we would have been to Baghdad, at that time I didnt want the kids of the future to have to come back over here to finish the job. Only to find out that in the future that those little kids grew up and had to come over and face their worst nightmare, I miss my Army brothers and sisters from that era, God bless them all! Even the ones who died.

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