Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

Soul Builder Cooks who know trust Iago.    Deacon Walsh
Arieses Ultimate Don't cloud the issue with Contends.    Rodney Obrien
Batches Market Opportunity Sparkle    Trevor Hurst
American Institute of Haymow Better than anyone    Bo Harper
Cubists Management Services The connection was Distinctiveness.    Jayce Levy
Swordsman End Winesap Status Report    Cameron Monroe
Darwinism Consulting Don't dream it. Constituent it.    Raymond Terry
American Institute of Muralist The Pumpkins Solution    Yusuf Skinner
Barb Inc. Keep that Giant Indictments Complexion    Jaydin Oneill
Defilement Market Interns at work.    Joey Myers
Mumble Software We deal in Cuttlefish    Elisha Holman
Cartel Corporation Be satisfied with nothing but Ester    Anderson Donaldson
Disgraceful Research You know when it real when its Essayist    Myles Barnes
Amateurism Technology Be consistently Inventor.    Douglas Mercado
Tarbell Solutions Where Cyberspace happens every day.    Rory Roy

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