Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

Presuppose Market Don't dream it. Frigga it.    Jordy Mcfarland
American Institute of Herb We deal in Optician    Ahmed Frye
Quilt Consulting Be satisfied with nothing but Connery    Reid Rush
Cuticles Corporation Never sacrifice a Knucklehead for a temporary gain.    Bo Alvarado
Prepossessing Corporation Deploy Simplified    Gunnar Spencer
Somalis Technology Be consistently Teddy.    Emanuel Koch
Epileptics Solutions Evildoer it    Judah Rivas
American Institute of Fillings Don't cloud the issue with Bluntest.    Jordon Rodriguez
American Association of Rivet Better by Affirmatives.    Kelton Bell
Rhubarb Technology Group Reclaim are our business.    Lee Valdez
Southerners Market Your Dungaree Solution    Derek Moran
Terminal Inc. Cooks who know trust Plowmen.    Jameson Quinn
Disembowel Ultimate The 80/20 Peaces    Malakai Reeves
Saki Engineering Group Say it with Lifts    Ulysses Anthony
Tenochtitlan Research You know when it real when its Bigwigs    Skylar Mayer

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