Chris' Favorite Gear

Here’s my listing of the gear (and other favorite things) that I use on a daily basis. Each category has been sorted in order of usage. The most used item is on top.

You can always tell a person by the type of gear that they like to use, so here are my favorite collection. I'll update this page every month with whatever latest and greatest technology that I encounter.

Smartphone and Related Accessories

  •    Apple iPhone 6s Plus 32GB - Great for videos and to take notes on the train.
  •    Apple iPhone 5s 32GB - Great for pictures and as a social media tool.
  •    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch - Perfect for my commuter to/from Boston
  •    8" MICRO USB flat Fabric Braided Charge - In orange so that I can quickly find the right cable to charge my Kindle.
  •    8” iPhone USB flat Fabric Braided Charge - In red so that I can identify the iPhone cable.
  •    Anker Multi-Angle Stand - Very cool Smartphone/Tablet stand.

Computers and Accessories

Home Technology

  • uTronic 24 LEDs Super Bright Worklight Flashlight - Great for attic use. Long lasting and extremely bright.
  • Telescoping LED Mini Light with Magnetic Pick-Up - Perfect when you need to see in small places.
  • Sonic Technology Bug Buster -The ultimate tool for anyone that doesn't like spiders in the house.
  • HDE Infraed Thermometer - Great way to see where any temperature differential is around the house.
  • Mini Eco-Lite Flashlight - Nightlight by day. Instant emergency light when the power goes out.

Favorite Apple IOS Applications

  • MayMyRun++ - Essential App to record running workouts and races.
  • FiLMiC Pro - Perfect for video recording the special moments
  • Google Photos - Access 100k+ photos that I have in the cloud
  • EveryDay - Easy way to take a photo of me everyday
  • SoundCloud - Listen to some of the best audio on the internet
  • Breaking News - Alerts me when major news happens.
  • Fitbit - Tracks my daily step count.
  • Amazon - Ability to add products to my cart for later purchases.
  • Evernote - Stay Organized. Be Productive . Capture everything with this award winning note taking application.
  • Tipsy - This is how I calculate how much to tip when we eat out.