August 3, 2016

Gorilla Leaf Rake

Gorilla Leaf Rake

A few years ago, I needed to buy a new leaf rake because the previous one had too many holes and it just wasn't getting as much leaves as it use to.

When I visited the local pool store I was surprised that they only had Gorilla Pool Leaf rakes in stock. More surprising was that they cost $35.


Seriously? A simple piece of plastic with a net on it is worth $35?

When I took the leaf rake off the shelf, I noticed something. This particular leaf rake netting is way stronger than the one I was using. Also, the net end points are double sowed making it

Maybe this one won't tear as easy when I try to scoop up little twigs from the bottom of the pool.

The top had a steeper slope making it much easier to scoop the leaves at the bottom of the pool. Now I can really get all the leaves when I scoop the pool.

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that this one was worth the investment.

Three years later.

Today my Gorilla Leaf rake is still going strong. There are no holes or any signs of wear and tear. It looks brand new, and that's after three years of pulling out leaves and junk from the bottom of the pool.

I would highly recommend investing in a quality pool leaf rake. This year I pulled out a lot of very heavy wet leaves and I am ever thankful for having a good leaf rake.

Tips on using a Leaf Rake

  • When you have a full basket of wet leaves, make sure to hold the bottom of the basket with your hand as you pull it out of the pool. This will help reduce the amount of stress on the pole and the leaf rake connection point.
  • This year I went into the pool used the leaf rake attached to a small pole to clean the bottom of the pool. I found that I was able to get more leaves by sweeping the bottom of the pool. The deep basket allows me to not as stop as often to check the basket.
  • At the end of the season, I keep the leaf rake above the floor. This is to prevent any mice or other creatures to build a nest in the netting.
You can find the Gorilla Leaf Rakes at most pool places, this year I noticed that the Gorilla frame is Orange. Check it out and see how it compares to the one your using.


Andrew Piziali

August 4, 2017.

I purchased my Gorilla leaf rake in May 2014 and have loved using it. This summer (2017) I found the net had worn to point having holes and needing replacement. Since I had purchased this rake because it was advertised by Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies as having a replaceable net, I stopped by Leslie's to buy net. You guessed it! Leslie's no longer carries Gorilla rakes, nor their replacement nets. Do you have a line on replacement nets for this leaf rake?

May 5, 2018.

I also bought a Gorilla leaf rake from Leslies. When the plastic teeth would no longer hold onto the net I took it back to Leslies to discuss. Tough luck buddy was kind of how they handled it. This is a company which I have spent thousands of dollars over the years so I decided to ask the district manager for help. Also I had bought a vacuum head that broke after three uses. I take care of my pool and equipment including always rinsing them with fresh water after use and storing only when dry. Well same story from the district manager. Actually he acted a bit like an oaf. So there you have it. You were sold a bill of goods like I was. And the other chain in my city, Pinch a Penny is just as bad.

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