July 16, 2014

Pool Emergency Kit

One of the most essential tool that any above ground pool owner should have is a container on Vinyl Cement and some extra vinyl strips.

You never know when something might puncture your pool, such as a branch from a tree or having a rock bullet through the pool wall from a lawn mower. Chances are that your local pool shop may not be open when it happens, and if so, would they have any of the patch equipment available?

I recently found that Lowes or Home Depot doesn't carry any Vinyl Cement, or any type of adhesive that would work under water. Home Depot does carry some pool supplies, including a patch kit, but again they may not have it in stock, plus you would be paying a premium price.

At Central Pools in Framingham, you can get the Vinyl Cement for about $10 and they have extra vinyl patches samples that you can take for free. Leslie's Pools only carries small patch kits and they don't have the Vinyl Cement container.

I would recommend keeping these inside the house instead of in a garage or shed. I had an old patch kit but the vinyl cement had dried up. Just keep them so you know where they are in an emergency.

Another essential thing to have on hand is an extra pool hose. This can come in handy if your pool hose should suddenly spring a leak. We have encountered some leaks with our hoses and have had to replace them. This can happen when you use the same hose over many years.

Pool Emergency Kit ideas

  • Vinyl Cement
  • Vinyl (Large size)
  • Pool Hose
  • Thread seal tape ( PTFE or Plumbers Tape)

If there's anything else you think should be in the kit, please drop me a note and tell me!

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