April 20, 2009

Grand Summer Gazebo

Searching for Sunjoy Canopy to replace our canopy on our Grand Summer Gazebo. There are three companies that offer replacements:

This was purchased at Sears by the previous owner. The model number for the Sears version of the Grand Summer Gazebo is G-GZ039PST-2.

The CNDCS Canopy Company has the best deal for the replacement. The only downside is that its not in stock, so we have no idea on when we will get it.

Here's information that I found on The SunJoy Company. They don't have a website:

Sunjoy Industries Group Inc
619 Slack St
Steubenville, OH 43952
(866) 578-6569‎

We'll keep you updated on the Canopy replacement status.


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