June 5, 2017

Disney Rapid-Fill Mugs

You can purchase special refillable mugs at the Disney World resorts. These mugs are call “Rapid Fill” and they have a chip which allows you to refill the mugs for the length of your stay.

The mugs are included with all Disney Dining plans, otherwise, it cost $17.99.

The mugs can handle hot and cold drinks. In the morning, I would put some ice in the mug and make my own ice coffee.

Disney Cups

Fun Facts on the Mug

I did a simple water test on the mug and got these measurements:

  • 1/3 a cup at the first line deep in the mug.
  • 12 oz at the first rim
  • 15 oz at the second internal rim
  • 16 oz at the very top (hold it steady!)

Disney Cup Mug Info2

What is that 1/3 line for?

I believe the first mark is for the cream/sugar line before putting in the coffee. Simply put enough cream to the 1/3 mark then add your sugar amount.

There’s no special drink that meets the 1/3 cup. A shot is 1oz which is equivalent to .12 cup. The 1/3 of a cup is just about 2.7 US fluid ounces.

Worth Buying?

I don’t think it’s worth buying the mug for a short term stay (Weekend or long weekend stay). Currently, you can’t refill in the park, other than using them to fill up water from the fountains. So if your going to spend a lot of time in the park, doesn't seem to be worth it.

When we traveled to Disney, we would refill the mugs at the end of the day with Ice Tea, Sprite or Orange Soda.


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