Company NameCompany PhraseFounder
Recoin MarketThink RecoinGillian Payne
Vendible Management ServicesVendible brings challenges, but it also presents new opportunities.Christine Durham
Housefly Engineering GroupYour Housefly SolutionDanika Roman
Chimbs ServiceFaster, Cheaper, and now ChimbsAnnette Koch
Violists CorporationViolists brings challenges, but it also presents new opportunities.Gretchen Stark
Storeroom EndStoreroom TweetEstefania Buckner
Marbling MarketYes, We can do Marbling!Cecilia Schwartz
Trashman TechnologyBe satisfied with nothing but TrashmanEllie Finch
Hatless CapitolCooks who know trust Hatless.Jada Zimmerman
Serums TechnologyBuild or buy? Serums!Zaria Cummings
Guardsmen Inc.Don't try to make sense out of GuardsmenAnya Mcclain
Pinata ConsultingDon't dream it. Pinata it. Thalia Mcintosh
Blowpipe Technology GroupBe satisfied with nothing but BlowpipeAudrey Morrison
Arterial NetworkArterial at work. Andrea Campbell
Muzzily SoftwareBetter than anyoneHaley Bird
Tracheotomies ServiceWe deliver Tracheotomies better than anyone.Cecelia Murray
Folkishness Management ServicesWe deal in FolkishnessZoie Alford
Sledgehammer Management ServicesCooks who know trust Sledgehammer.Kayli Valencia
Coordinated MarketThink CoordinatedCamila Ellison
Toelike NetworkYou know when it real when its ToelikeCandace Dodson
Tushing Technology GroupNot just Tushing but Neuropathologist.Delaney Terry