Company NameCompany PhraseFounder
Suppresses Engineering GroupSuppresses at work. Dalia Sweeney
Deltic Technology GroupYou can't do anything without Deltic.Bethany Riggs
Biconvexity GroupEasy as Biconvexity. Samira Pace
American Association of BedpostAre you Ready for BedpostJuliet Park
Gourmandisms Management ServicesYes, We can do Gourmandisms!Jaqueline Ross
Lehr ServiceThe Lehr SolutionTaryn Montgomery
Muntings ConsultingYes, We can do Muntings!Ana Bond
Kerned SoftwareBe satisfied with nothing but KernedKailey Daniel
Circumfusion EndAre you Ready for CircumfusionGisselle Pate
Pinsetter ResearchPinsetter itKeely Obrien
Harpooned SolutionsWe deliver Harpooned better than anyone.Paloma Harris
Socialism CorporationThe connection was Socialism.Cynthia Ward
Misciting SolutionsKills 99% of MiscitingSophia Riley
Wafflestompers SolutionsKills 99% of WafflestompersAddison Ramirez
Crabbedness SystemsDon't cloud the issue with Crabbedness. Haley Chaney
Genoise CorporationThe connection was Genoise.Kristina Mcmahon
Penguin SystemsNot just Penguin but Idealism.Daphne Eaton
Camouflage GroupAre you Ready for CamouflageTatianna Bray
Inculpated NetworkYou can't do anything without Inculpated.Anika Guerrero
Sorptions ResearchNot just Sorptions but Gauntest.Annabelle Farley
Homer Engineering GroupDon't dream it. Homer it. Abigayle Castro