Practical Tips and Tricks with Final Cut Pro X.

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June 29, 2021Apple Devices 1080pBetter Export than the YouTube & Facebook...
June 22, 2021Tips on Titles and EffectsTake Time to See what You Have!
June 15, 2021Using Keywords for OrganizationMakes using the Synchronize Clip much easier
June 8, 2021Page CurlCreate a cool effect with Page Curl
June 1, 2021Apple Motion DurationEasily change the project duration
May 25, 2021Copy Timeline VideoEasily reuse some of clip later on in your movie.
May 18, 2021Crossfade AudioMake Audio transitions Easy
May 11, 2021Record USB Cameras in Final Cut ProCurrently can't record from the Camera
May 4, 2021Screen Splitter 2Great way to show multiple video clips at once.
March 30, 2021FavoritesSorting Browser View to show only Favorties
March 23, 2021Audio Fade ShapeChange the fade on your audio that works best for you.
March 16, 2021Match ColorLet Final Cut Pro take the guess work on the best color to enhance a clip
March 9, 2021Matching Crops across ClipsHow to crop clips the same way
March 2, 2021Pan AudioCreate cool effects using the built in pan audio feature
February 23, 2021Select Clip RangeQuick Tip to get the range of the selected clip
February 16, 2021Bright White Background GeneratorEasily add a new color generator to Final Cut Pro
February 9, 2021RenderFrameAt ErrorFixing the dreaded RenderFrameAt Error
February 2, 2021White BalanceQuick Tips on setting your own White Balance.
January 26, 2021Looping AudioHow to Loop Audio in Final Cut Pro
January 19, 2021Getting iMovie Sound to Final Cut ProBring some classic iMovie Sounds to Final Cut Pro
January 12, 2021Crop 4k to 1080p in the TimelineSimple technique to crop 4k so the video looks good in 1080p
January 5, 2021Split ScreenCreated My Own Split Screen Template
December 30, 2020Best Final Cut Pro Blog PostMy Collection of the Best Final Cut Pro blog post of 2020
December 22, 2020Color WheelColor Wheel is an easy way to color correct a video clip
December 15, 2020Logic Pro Effects in Final Cut ProDescription of each Logic Effect in Final Cut Pro
December 8, 2020AC3 Audio in Final Cut ProAC3 Audio may cause problems with some features
December 1, 2020Toggle Inspector HeightHow to fix the height of the Inspector Window.
November 24, 2020Blade Tool TricksQuickly cut multiple tracks
November 17, 2020Multiple DisplaysUsing Multiple displays can make you productive in Final Cut Pro
November 10, 2020Adaptive LimiterFinal Cut Pro has a powerful Audio clean up tool called Adaptive Limiter
November 3, 2020Lower ThirdSetting your own default on Lower Third
October 27, 2020Jump CutsFinal Cut Pro has built in Jump Cuts Effects
October 20, 2020Transparent Background in PowerPointHow to make the background in Powerpoint transparent for Final Cut Pro
October 13, 2020Trim Start and EndCool Shortcut to quickly cut out a clip
October 6, 2020Lower Third OverlayComedy Central has a guide on where to place the lower third.
September 29, 2020Apple MotionApple Motion complements Final Cut Pro
September 22, 2020Color Correction Assistance for Final Cut ProUse Photolemure to figure out the color correction.
September 15, 2020Adding Favorites Folders to ImportAdd your favorite folder to the Import dialog sidebar
September 8, 2020Slow Motion VideoUsing the iPhone Slo-Mo videos in Final Cut Pro
September 1, 2020Bump Basic TitleDid you know about this Title Effect?
August 25, 2020Computer SetupMy Final Cut Pro System Configuration
August 18, 2020Getting Live PhotosHow to get the Movies from Live Photos
August 11, 2020Ultimate Transitions PackGreat Collection of Transitions for Final Cut Pro
August 4, 2020Final Cut DurationHow to get the duration of a clip in the timeline
July 28, 2020Upload to Different YouTube ChannelsHow to upload videos to different channels that you may manage.
July 21, 2020Customize Browser List ViewChange your Browser View to something useful
July 14, 2020Normalizing AudioEnhance Audio in Final Cut Pro Demo
July 7, 2020Moving on From Wondershare FilmoraEmpty