iPhone 6s Plus Tips and Tricks (Legacy)

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October 25, 2020Getting Audio from a Mixer to the iPhoneFacing some challenges on recording audio to the iPhone
August 4, 2019Home screen viewHow has my home screen changed in the past year.
September 23, 2018iPhone Xs Plus VideoComparing the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone Xs Videos
June 24, 2018Magnifier in iOSHidden Magnifier feature can help read small prints
March 25, 2018Night Camera Photos using iPhone 6s PlusChecking out ProCam, ProCamera and Night Camera
February 11, 2018iPhone HomescreenA side-by-side compairison of the iPhone homescreen.
January 7, 2018Cool feature of the Tumblr AppNow you can send custom Animated GIFs in Chat
November 5, 2017Spam Call Identifier on iOS 11Empty
August 27, 2017iPhone HomescreenEmpty
February 4, 2017Manage Music on your iPhoneEmpty
January 1, 2017Breaking News App AlternativeEmpty
November 19, 2016Magic PicturesEmpty
October 23, 2016iPhone Tip: Screen Capture Videos for Social MediaEmpty
October 8, 2016iOS X Voice Mail TranscriptionEmpty
September 24, 2016Build a Thumbnail Webpage with Image Capture ToolEmpty
July 24, 2016Google Photo CompressionEmpty
June 25, 2016Lost iPhone in TaxiEmpty
May 22, 2016Braided CablesEmpty
May 13, 2016Disapearing Predictive Text FieldEmpty
March 14, 2016Big 16 iOS AppsEmpty
March 7, 2016iPhone 6s Plus Dash CameraEmpty
February 29, 2016Location Base Alerts on the MBTA Commuter RailEmpty
February 22, 2016Apple vs FBIEmpty
February 15, 20164K Videos on the iPhone 6s PlusEmpty
February 8, 2016USB Power BankEmpty
February 1, 2016Optical Image StabilizationEmpty
January 25, 2016InstaWeather AppEmpty
January 18, 2016Anker Multi-angle Portable StandEmpty
January 11, 2016Google Photos AppGoogle Photos is a great iOS application, but has once slight flaw.
January 4, 2016DayOneDon't use Evernote for your Journal, try DayOne and here's why...
December 28, 2015OlloClip Active LensThe OlloClip Active Lens doesn't work if you have a screen protector or case.
December 21, 2015Tech21 Evo Mesh CaseTech21 Evo Mesh Case basic review.
December 19, 2015iPhone 6s Plus Screen ShotEmpty
December 14, 2015SwiftKey KeyboardSee the difference the SwiftKey Keyboard makes on the iPhone 6s Plus.
December 7, 2015iPhone 6s Plus CapacityShould you buy the 16GN iPhone 6s Plus?
October 24, 2015Cheap iPhone 6s Plus StandEmpty
October 22, 2015BigTipperEmpty
October 20, 2015iPhone 6s PlusEmpty