Sound Edit Pro

Soundedit Logo I first purchased SoundEdit in 1996 and really enjoyed the program. It features some handy editing capabilites that are still more advance than some of today's sound programs.

I am disapointed that Macromedia has not produced an update in 6 years! In 2005, major computer box stores such Frys and MicroCenter still sold them at the 1996 listed price $299!! The only place now that you'll find Sound Edit Pro is on eBay!

Yes it appears that Macromedia has "end of life" a great product. Maybe if they get enough feedback from fans that they will update the software to work with the latest industry standards (MP3 and the latest Real Audio compression).

SoundEdit and OSX

Yes SoundEdit worked fine under OSX!

While SoundEdit works fine under OSX 10.1, it can't find my microphone or external input device. A simple update would resolve this problem. After all this software was developed under MacOS 8.

SoundEdit was officially usuable since MacOS 10.7 when Apple discontinued support for Rosetta Stone. (2004)

SoundEdit Features

One of the great features of SoundEdit is the ability to go in detail into the sound wave, making it easy to edit sounds and adding special effects. Also I liked the ability to add multiple sound tracks to create some niffty effects.


The levels pallet makes it easy to adjust the levels when importing new audio. I really like the design and the fact its a floating window so I can move it out of the way while editing real data.