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Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:January 6 2013
Comments:Nate I served in the same brigade as Clarence Cash. I didn't know him personally. However, I know someone who knew his crew members. Clarence was a cav scout for HHC 4/66 Armor. He was a Bradley (M3A2) driver if I remember correctly. I was in B Company 4/7 Infantry. Us, 4/66, and 1/7 Infantry were the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division. We were stationed in Aschaffenburg Germany. The 1st Armored Division left their 1st brigade behind and we became the 1st Brigade 1st AD (Operational),during Operations Desert Shield And Desert Storm. We led the Division into battle, and fought the Republican Guard. As a scout Clarence was among the first into battle, because they are way out front. Our brigade received the Valorous Unit Award. You may contact me for more information if you wish.

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