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Name:Cpl R. Pesch
Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:November 8 2007
Comments: We did what we had to do, But we should have finished the job. I feel for all the service members in Iraq and I feel bad that we were not let do our job in 1991. I lost 3 friends and there loss to me was worth everything, Frindship Loyality and love. God bless all of us

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"Fight them with your faith in God, fight them in defense of every free honorable woman and every innocent child, add in defense of the values of manhood and the military honor...Fight them because with their defeat you will be at the last entrance of the conquest of all conquests. The war will end with...dignity, glory, and triumph for your people, army, and nation."
Saddam Hussein
Radio Broadcast
January 19, 1991