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Name:Semper FI
Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:October 27 2007
Comments: The difference between this war now and ours we had more of a Threat going into with saddams military hardware not really knowing how bad this could of gotten if we did not execute it the way we ended up doing, It would of been a living hell if not, after all Saddam had a Navy and Airforce and a million men under arms. Plus we had that threat of gas and we were really never a afraid of bullets because at least you could shoot back. Plus our living conditions was way worse more than one could Imagine ,we did not have burger king or mcdonalds or anything that represented what we had back home. So I dont want to hear on how tuff it is today because their two different wars with two diferent worries. We lived with a gas mask on and thats like putting a plastic bag over your head. we also had unexploded munitions all over the place. But yes I am proud of what our Military Is doing today its the right thing to do. Semper FI

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