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Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:July 4 2007
Comments:Just like to say , that i would rarther be the 51st state of America than part of Europe , being govened by Brusseles . God save the Queen and God save America . It annouys me that in Briton , if you are British , you are treated like a second class citersion . While all the imogerents get to the front of all the house ques and the med ques . When I first got out of the army . My house that had been allicated to me was given at the last min to a croation family . AHH these are the very people in 1988 that i had been trained to fight . yet when i left the army in 1995 , they were deemed more importent than me , my wife and two children , by the local councoil . It makes my blood boil . Yet If you say things like this you are labeled as a raceist , I am not a rasceist , but it is things like this that turn the tide . Like i said , God save the Queen and God save America

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