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Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:July 2 2007
Comments:Hi guys , Brit vet here . I was with the MLRS ( Grid Square removel servise , lol) I am proud of what i did over there , and proud to have fourght along side my brothers the yanks . We need to stick together guys . There have been too many good men and women of both our nations die over there . I say we pull out , watch them implode , If they want to live in the dark ages LET THEM !!. Who the hell do they think they are? We send our young men and women over there to help them , and they repay us by murdering them . Scum . I used to feel bad about what i did over there. Now after all the allide dead , I dont give a s..t about the Iraqis i killed . May England and America long be brothers and stand and fight side by side. God save us all

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