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Name:Kevin Sellers
Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:December 3 2005
Comments:I served in Operation Desert Storm right out of AIT at 18 years old. I only joined the army for the college money and found myself in a war. I arrived back from the war with no celebrations as others claim theyve had and was never even awarded my medals. I did attend college after the army and enlisted in the Louisiana National Guard. I graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1999. I got laid off from a great job in 2001 when the Tech sector crashed and have been working as a technician ever since. I make less than half of what I should be making and cant seem to find a decent job anywhere. So those of you who think of doing honorable things that we are all told are good, like serving your country or going to college and making something of yourself, you might want to think twice about it. Why be someone elses pawn and do their dirty work to make them rich? You dont need the military or college to be what you want. All you really is to know the right people to get ahead in life.

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