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Name:Teresa Harris
Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:October 17 2005
Comments:To all the American Vets that went, served to preserved freedom for all. Its a shame our own government cant be responsible to its American soldiers & tell us what we were exposed to. They expect loyalty,honesty, respect,trust and sacrafice from us. We cant even get the basics from them. They cant even be straight for thoses Americans who put there butt on line for the freedom they wake up and expect everyday. But what goes around comes around, eventually it will hit one of the senate, congress, who ever is holding back. Just think who they will feel when there son comes home in a BODYBAG...Now think who at 38 yrs. old wants to be told, you have a 4.6 cm brain tumor, if not surgically removed you will be dead in a year. Yea keep fighting solders.....Someone needs to be accountable.

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