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Name:Vinster Baby and his dirty money.
Date:October 9 2004
Comments:The only signicant problem that I had with "Desert Storm", "The Gulf War" or "conflict" or whatever the hell you want to call it was, that it was done in such a half-assed, indecisive fashion. How many years and lives have been wasted because Bush Sr. didnt follow through with the decision to go to war! Whatd we spend? Twelve some-odd years dicking around with Hussein because he didnt follow through? Its no wonder how 911 came to pass! Of course other countries are going to take shots at us! As far as theyre concerned, were pussies who dont finish what we start! I doubt Reagan wouldve backed down! When was the last time weve heard from Khadafi? In the simplest of terms; You dont stretch a condom over your cock unless you intend to frog and, you dont go to war unless you intend to win the God-damned thing!

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