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Name:Shawn@ Shortysdatingthediary
Date:July 28 2012
Comments: If u dont know this then let me put it to u like this. In order to keep ur place as number one, what do u have to do? U have to fight. Wether by action, talkin or presentation of force...U have to fight. Wether U think its all for oil or all to protect money being made, u r wrong. Everybody in every nation wants to come here above all. ONLY because America is what...number 1. Here in America we protect our right to be number one. No other countrie does that...we do....thats why we will always be number+one.+I+love+my+country+and+I+love+the+Men+and+Women+in+ALL+our+Armed+Forces!+And+may+God+be+with+our+enemies,+if+not,+we+will+set+up+a+meeting+with+Him...personally!+U+r+all+doing+the+right+thing+by+personally+insuring+our+freedom+and+I+stand+tall+with+pride+because+u+go+to+provide+me+with+the+freedom+that+I+know+and+love.+I+love+u+ALL!!+God+b+with+u+all!

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