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Status:Gulf War Veteran
Date:July 12 2012
Comments: I began my service in Jan. of 1988 and terminated it in Feb. of 1992 serving as a proud 19D Cavalry Scout with an honorable discharge and haven receeived certificates,honors,ribbons,awards,and medals for my service. I served in Germany for 2yrs. durring the falling of the wall and patroled the border durring every major holiday,not to mention birthdays. Although I hated each border tour,lasting 30-60 days at a time,looking back it was the time of my life and I'll never forget it! Only the military could give that opportunity to me! I'm grateful! I left Fulda to experience Army life in the States and landed in Ft.Stewart,Ga. after 30 days leave back in my home towns of Allen and Leonard Tx. I was only at Ft.Stewart for a couple of months when Saddam inv. Kuwait on Aug.2nd,we went on allert the 6th,and we were in the Gulf on the 12th. The 24th Inf.Div. together with the 101st and the 82nd Airborn Div. were a "ready reaction force" and could be anywhere in the world in 6 days,and we were!!!The only units ahead of us were the Rangers and Special Forces! We set out with only 2 weeks of supplies and no supply lines set up yet. We even got to Saudia Arabia before the ship with our Bradley's on it did! Our Bradleys were the first off and we headed countless 100's of miles into the desert with only weeks of water,mre's,fuel,and ammo. Our 18 Bradleys didn't even have the rest of the 24th to back us up for atleast 2 weeks. We were completely on our own,patrolling the 1000's of miles of oil pipeline that ran through Saudia to the Gulf. and overlooking Iraq for tank movement. There's so much more to tell but,this story is already longer than intended and nobody will prob. ever read this so,I'll bring it to a close. Yours Truthfully, Daren Fitzgerald. A former proud 2/4 Sqdn.24th Inf. Div. soldier. I surprisingly miss all of my old battle buddies and comrades of 3rd Platoon,actually 1st because we were always out in front! Marvin Connon,Dave Salinbien,even Sgt.Nesbitt who I was luck to have as section Sgt. Hope to hear from you guys some day! my email is

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