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Name:im a 14 year old i swear
Date:February 29 2004
Comments:im a 14 year old from kuwaitand im sorry if i have spelling mistakes... Im doing this reasearch for my class project about the cold war and i had to choose a cold war that happened. My teacher gave us a sheet to choose one country that had a cold war. On the sheet i found a Gulf War 2. My heart beat started to beat so hard i felt that i was going to die. Right now you may think why the hell did that happen. My dad was taken in that war and i never saw him again . It wasnt only him that was taken but many other Men. I never really knew my father cuz i was still a little baybe ,but my mother told me many stories about him. I mis him so much. I want to touch his face and feel what its like i want to hug him and never let go . All i can see of him know is his pic. and even if i dont really know him ,i can still feel that i love him ,i can still feel that hes next to me when im sad or happy. I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH AND I MISS HIM LIKE HELL!! all of u out there that have a dad go give him a big hug for me cuz then when hes taken you will feel what i feel. You are so lucky to have a dad!! ( I LOVE YOU DAD)

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