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Denmark supports military option against Iraq

Wednesday February 11, 3:27 am Eastern Time

COPENHAGEN, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Denmark said it supported military intervention in Iraq by a U.S.-led alliance if diplomatic efforts to resolve the current stand-off between Baghdad and the United Nations over access to weapons sites failed.

``It is perfectly understandable that military action is under consideration,'' Danish foreign minister Niels Helveg Petersen told Denmark's TV2 News late Tuesday night.

``As far as I can see there is a broad basis (for intervention) in the existing United Nations resolutions,'' he said.

``If it is appropriate and we receive a request for assistance (in possible attacks on Iraqi weapons sites), we will obviously consider it. I still hope that a peaceful solution can be found but I do not have any overblown expectations,'' Petersen said.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday his Spanish counterpart Jose Maria Aznar had given his support to a U.S.-led alliance preparing for military intervention in Iraq.

Germany, the Netherlands and Argentina have also expressed support for military action if diplomatic efforts fail to solve the latest Iraq crisis.

Canada and Australia have said they are ready to send troops and hardware to the Gulf to enforce U.N. resolutions calling on Iraq to allow inspections of its weapons facilities.

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