Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
localized partnership,BROAD
localized partnership,PHRASE
localized partnership,EXACT
hats holders,BROAD
hats holders,PHRASE
hats holders,EXACT
expansive today,BROAD
expansive today,PHRASE
expansive today,EXACT
popular themed,BROAD
popular themed,PHRASE
popular themed,EXACT
entertainment feature,BROAD
entertainment feature,PHRASE
entertainment feature,EXACT
home more,BROAD
home more,PHRASE
home more,EXACT
as for,BROAD
as for,PHRASE
as for,EXACT
products spongebob,BROAD
products spongebob,PHRASE
products spongebob,EXACT
trademarks vistaprint,BROAD
trademarks vistaprint,PHRASE
trademarks vistaprint,EXACT
shopping content,BROAD
shopping content,PHRASE
shopping content,EXACT
customers a,BROAD
customers a,PHRASE
customers a,EXACT
now first,BROAD
now first,PHRASE
now first,EXACT
include freeze,BROAD
include freeze,PHRASE
include freeze,EXACT
easy copywriting,BROAD
easy copywriting,PHRASE
easy copywriting,EXACT
illegal business,BROAD
illegal business,PHRASE
illegal business,EXACT
blog consumers,BROAD
blog consumers,PHRASE
blog consumers,EXACT
hao icarly,BROAD
hao icarly,PHRASE
hao icarly,EXACT
world pets,BROAD
world pets,PHRASE
world pets,EXACT
partnership hold,BROAD
partnership hold,PHRASE
partnership hold,EXACT
holders nickelodeon,BROAD
holders nickelodeon,PHRASE
holders nickelodeon,EXACT