Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
global ni,BROAD
global ni,PHRASE
global ni,EXACT
we logo,BROAD
we logo,PHRASE
we logo,EXACT
dora destination,BROAD
dora destination,PHRASE
dora destination,EXACT
expansive go,BROAD
expansive go,PHRASE
expansive go,EXACT
easy model,BROAD
easy model,PHRASE
easy model,EXACT
price or,BROAD
price or,PHRASE
price or,EXACT
other provider,BROAD
other provider,PHRASE
other provider,EXACT
photo character-specific,BROAD
photo character-specific,PHRASE
photo character-specific,EXACT
design they,BROAD
design they,PHRASE
design they,EXACT
additional freeze,BROAD
additional freeze,PHRASE
additional freeze,EXACT
customers production,BROAD
customers production,PHRASE
customers production,EXACT
extensive addition,BROAD
extensive addition,PHRASE
extensive addition,EXACT
on empowers,BROAD
on empowers,PHRASE
on empowers,EXACT
business time,BROAD
business time,PHRASE
business time,EXACT
character should,BROAD
character should,PHRASE
character should,EXACT
email announcement,BROAD
email announcement,PHRASE
email announcement,EXACT
variety note,BROAD
variety note,PHRASE
variety note,EXACT
entertainment facilities,BROAD
entertainment facilities,PHRASE
entertainment facilities,EXACT
ni portfolio,BROAD
ni portfolio,PHRASE
ni portfolio,EXACT
logo confidence,BROAD
logo confidence,PHRASE
logo confidence,EXACT