Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
blues bags,BROAD
blues bags,PHRASE
blues bags,EXACT
designs global,BROAD
designs global,PHRASE
designs global,EXACT
on number,BROAD
on number,PHRASE
on number,EXACT
expertise said,BROAD
expertise said,PHRASE
expertise said,EXACT
globally localized,BROAD
globally localized,PHRASE
globally localized,EXACT
email partnering,BROAD
email partnering,PHRASE
email partnering,EXACT
services cards,BROAD
services cards,PHRASE
services cards,EXACT
printed at,BROAD
printed at,PHRASE
printed at,EXACT
way people,BROAD
way people,PHRASE
way people,EXACT
diego by,BROAD
diego by,PHRASE
diego by,EXACT
subsidiaries the,BROAD
subsidiaries the,PHRASE
subsidiaries the,EXACT
custom confidence,BROAD
custom confidence,PHRASE
custom confidence,EXACT
other jirabus,BROAD
other jirabus,PHRASE
other jirabus,EXACT
technologies nickelodeon,BROAD
technologies nickelodeon,PHRASE
technologies nickelodeon,EXACT
more may,BROAD
more may,PHRASE
more may,EXACT
one-of-a-kind portfolio,BROAD
one-of-a-kind portfolio,PHRASE
one-of-a-kind portfolio,EXACT
birthday for,BROAD
birthday for,PHRASE
birthday for,EXACT
moving they,BROAD
moving they,PHRASE
moving they,EXACT
bags today,BROAD
bags today,PHRASE
bags today,EXACT
global now,BROAD
global now,PHRASE
global now,EXACT