Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
one-stop annually,BROAD
one-stop annually,PHRASE
one-stop annually,EXACT
expands price,BROAD
expands price,PHRASE
expands price,EXACT
ni day,BROAD
ni day,PHRASE
ni day,EXACT
child offers,BROAD
child offers,PHRASE
child offers,EXACT
make vistaprints,BROAD
make vistaprints,PHRASE
make vistaprints,EXACT
touch result,BROAD
touch result,PHRASE
touch result,EXACT
a subsidiaries,BROAD
a subsidiaries,PHRASE
a subsidiaries,EXACT
product invites,BROAD
product invites,PHRASE
product invites,EXACT
birthday create,BROAD
birthday create,PHRASE
birthday create,EXACT
ships icarly,BROAD
ships icarly,PHRASE
ships icarly,EXACT
note destination,BROAD
note destination,PHRASE
note destination,EXACT
planning first,BROAD
planning first,PHRASE
planning first,EXACT
magnets invitations,BROAD
magnets invitations,PHRASE
magnets invitations,EXACT
providing hold,BROAD
providing hold,PHRASE
providing hold,EXACT
way websites,BROAD
way websites,PHRASE
way websites,EXACT
the an,BROAD
the an,PHRASE
the an,EXACT
offering shineman,BROAD
offering shineman,PHRASE
offering shineman,EXACT
vprt hats,BROAD
vprt hats,PHRASE
vprt hats,EXACT
annually announcement,BROAD
annually announcement,PHRASE
annually announcement,EXACT
price pets,BROAD
price pets,PHRASE
price pets,EXACT