Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
direct result,BROAD
direct result,PHRASE
direct result,EXACT
hours for,BROAD
hours for,PHRASE
hours for,EXACT
provider bags,BROAD
provider bags,PHRASE
provider bags,EXACT
their showcase,BROAD
their showcase,PHRASE
their showcase,EXACT
globally by,BROAD
globally by,PHRASE
globally by,EXACT
localized sitebuilder,BROAD
localized sitebuilder,PHRASE
localized sitebuilder,EXACT
product design,BROAD
product design,PHRASE
product design,EXACT
first american,BROAD
first american,PHRASE
first american,EXACT
that about,BROAD
that about,PHRASE
that about,EXACT
access world,BROAD
access world,PHRASE
access world,EXACT
offers price,BROAD
offers price,PHRASE
offers price,EXACT
north nickelodeon,BROAD
north nickelodeon,PHRASE
north nickelodeon,EXACT
personalized diego,BROAD
personalized diego,PHRASE
personalized diego,EXACT
tcr email,BROAD
tcr email,PHRASE
tcr email,EXACT
home kai-lan,BROAD
home kai-lan,PHRASE
home kai-lan,EXACT
services company,BROAD
services company,PHRASE
services company,EXACT
postcards choose,BROAD
postcards choose,PHRASE
postcards choose,EXACT
clues or,BROAD
clues or,PHRASE
clues or,EXACT
result are,BROAD
result are,PHRASE
result are,EXACT
for create,BROAD
for create,PHRASE
for create,EXACT