Bing Rapid Ad

This page contains several random sample content to import to WordStream to test various Bing AdWords functionality. This page allows QA users to test various functionality to validate that everything is working. This page is no way endorsed or sponsored by Bing AdWords or by WordStream. This random run feature the city of Miami, Florida.

Warning adding these keywords and Ads could results in excess spending or potential suspension due to policy violations.

Bing Campaigns

24 campaign names for your AdCenter testing.
Nebraska colt,Active,monthly,26
Minnesota moistest,Active,daily,25
Indiana pupil,Active,daily,16
New York bowel,Active,daily,50
Vermont Tobago,Active,monthly,22
New Mexico diversification,Active,daily,36
Virginia dangerously,Active,monthly,19
California causalities,Active,monthly,9
Delaware fob,Active,monthly,35
Montana presupposed,Active,daily,43
Kansas impromptu,Active,daily,44
Nevada trapdoor,Active,daily,23
Maine grubstake,Active,monthly,23
Maryland Congress,Active,daily,16
Oregon artichoke,Active,daily,50
Mississippi buffaloes,Active,monthly,32
South Carolina distinguish,Active,monthly,44
Ohio Jared,Active,monthly,38

Bing Ad Groups

20 ad group names for your AdCenter testing.
Apostle wheelchair,4.4,2019-01-16,2019-01-26,Active
Tunnel fireproofs,3.8,2019-01-16,2019-04-10,Active
Psychopath misbehavior,1.1,2019-01-16,2019-05-14,Active
Nondrinker Jennie,4.7,2019-01-16,2019-02-02,Active
Proportion itinerary,3.1,2019-01-16,2019-02-22,Active
Selim registration,1.9,2019-01-16,2019-04-19,Active
Smear splashing,2.5,2019-01-16,2019-03-31,Active
Ghost quilter,3.7,2019-01-16,2019-03-11,Active
Effectuated dyspeptic,1.4,2019-01-16,2019-04-02,Active
Yells frugality,2,2019-01-16,2019-02-02,Active
Recruits affair,2.6,2019-01-16,2019-05-13,Active
Emily autonomously,4.3,2019-01-16,2019-03-17,Active
Treadmills redress,1.3,2019-01-16,2019-04-22,Active

Bing Ads Keywords

Forty random keywords for your Bing testing. Also check out the Apple Keywords page for multiple match types for similar keywords.
patient children verifiable negotiate ,Phrase,0.03,Active,
debated spiral
mortgage simply ,Phrase,0.18,Active,
develop words others ,Phrase,0.31,Active
unappreciated persons http//www consolidate ,Phrase,0.43,Active,
areas that ,Exact,0.36,Active,
done staggering judges ,Exact,0.38,Active
S until
strengths doesnt ,Exact,0.06,Active,
tonight Constitution ,Exact,0.58,Active,
competitive amounts absolutism progress ,Phrase,0.18,Active,
hands abandoned demeaning coincidence ,Phrase,0.12,Active,
maintain pursue fighting action
might into submarines ,Exact,0.57,Active,
presidential educating America power
lay win ,Phrase,0.17,Active
off cooperation ,Phrase,0.04,Active
home outlook disaster ,Exact,0.28,Active,
bring present ,Exact,0.37,Active,
way influence ,Exact,0.31,Active
imposed so ,Exact,0.59,Active
diplomatic excess wage otherwise ,Phrase,0.3,Active
changes risk-taking forces guiding
defer faith ,Phrase,0.26,Active
magnitude speak ,Exact,0.57,Active
skyrocketing laying control Third
outrage refused ,Phrase,0.51,Active,
victors quit ,Phrase,0.52,Active
Vice ascending simpler ,Phrase,0.46,Active,
day structuring adversity ,Exact,0.01,Active
bread terrible
civilization center
checks re-election
out eventual able created
passing resisted ,Exact,0.5,Active,
surrendered around space fellow ,Phrase,0.05,Active
bureaucracy Jack
citizens policies ,Phrase,0.5,Active
dimensions hard-fought absorb ,Exact,0.27,Active,
decision somewhere

Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Eighty random negative keywords for your AdWords testing. The word in red is an exact duplicate from a word in the above PPC Keyword list.
Forge opponents,Exact
too pillars,Exact
wage benefits,Exact
synthetic notice,Phrase
adjusting decades,Exact
brought Joanne,Phrase
achievers undermine,Exact
satisfied China,Phrase
keel revolutions,Phrase
repeated rather,Phrase
conservation coincidence,Phrase
artistic Normandy,Exact
into conservation,Exact
foremost number,Exact
Vietnam overcome,Exact
murdered fact,Phrase
behavior America,Phrase
industrial nothing,Exact
vote Why,Phrase
citizen sovereign,Phrase
restore standing,Exact
saw thought,Phrase
Division changes,Exact
elimination mean,Phrase
plan vocabulary,Exact
universal decrease,Exact
vision hope,Phrase
terrible presidents,Phrase
replacement illegal,Phrase
shops goes,Exact
lacks having,Exact
country hit,Exact
system note,Phrase
mistreated thatll,Exact
young strain,Phrase
pride myth,Exact
small gets,Exact
compete it,Phrase
steadily would,Phrase
hardly assault,Exact
before arms,Phrase
manage persons,Exact
own strengthens,Phrase
reaped opposing,Phrase
rivers nutritional,Phrase
Clinton's simply,Exact
threats ship,Phrase
planners new,Exact
never Normandy,Phrase
truth rise,Phrase
decade student,Phrase
predicated duplication,Phrase
up laws,Exact
came Western,Phrase
events ago,Phrase
spenders war,Phrase
questions too,Exact
production giant,Exact
finding trying,Exact
concerning pregnancies,Exact
bases win,Phrase
unions up,Exact
Iran grantsmen,Exact
Gulf drugs,Phrase
repeal repeatedly,Exact
loves teachers,Exact
convention value,Phrase
strengthens spoke,Exact
heart Or,Phrase
fell dubious,Exact
civilization center
way influence ,Exact
home outlook disaster ,Exact
dimensions hard-fought absorb ,Exact
defer faith ,Phrase
lay win ,Phrase
strengths doesnt ,Exact
citizens policies ,Phrase
day structuring adversity ,Exact
magnitude speak ,Exact

Bing Ads Sample for AdWords

Popular Dinner Spot, Looking for a great dinner spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Breakfast Spot, Hungry for a great breakfast spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Snack Spot, Looking for a great snack spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Searching for a great walking spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Camera Spot, Need a a great camera spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Lunch Spot, Looking for a great lunch spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Casino Spot, Need a a great casino spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Brunch Spot, Searching for a great brunch spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Prayer Spot, Need a a great prayer spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Video Spot, Hungry for a great video spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active
Popular Running Spot, Know of a great running spot, in Miami Florida,,,Active

PPC Placements

Twenty random Placements for your AdCenter testing.,2.73,Active,,2.93,Active,,1.22,Active,,0.09,Paused,,0.46,Paused,,2.45,Active,,2.05,Active,,2.73,Active,,2.32,Active,,2.43,Active,,2.73,Active,,1.56,Active,,0.66,Paused,,1.92,Active,,1.56,Active,,1.54,Active,,2.3,Active,,0.55,Paused,,0.94,Paused,,1.88,Active,