Bing Rapid Ad

This page contains several random sample content to import to WordStream to test various Bing AdWords functionality. This page allows QA users to test various functionality to validate that everything is working. This page is no way endorsed or sponsored by Bing AdWords or by WordStream. This random run feature the city of Oneco, Connecticut.

Warning adding these keywords and Ads could results in excess spending or potential suspension due to policy violations.

Bing Campaigns

24 campaign names for your AdCenter testing.
Utah wigwams,Active,daily,31
New York subcompact,Active,monthly,9
Ohio Hibernia,Active,monthly,17
California Lawson,Active,monthly,33
Mississippi fraternization,Active,daily,36
Arizona refurbishes,Active,monthly,47
Pennsylvania medley,Active,monthly,41
Massachusetts trustful,Active,daily,44
Montana homy,Active,monthly,26
North Carolina disincentive,Active,monthly,3
Tennessee morgues,Active,daily,44
South Carolina scared,Active,daily,48
Oregon electrically,Active,daily,22
Nebraska Esperanza,Active,monthly,4
District Of Columbia exerted,Active,monthly,24
Kansas isolate,Active,daily,22
Louisiana bayoneted,Active,daily,7
Rhode Island coccis,Active,daily,17

Bing Ad Groups

20 ad group names for your AdCenter testing.
Mayoral renovating,1.9,2018-04-20,2018-09-05,Active
Sudanese digress,1.9,2018-04-20,2018-06-25,Active
Remonstrance Mohawk,2.8,2018-04-20,2018-07-05,Active
Barmaid walker,3.8,2018-04-20,2018-07-11,Active
Avery Tevet,2.9,2018-04-20,2018-09-02,Active
Fixed ,0.4,2018-04-20,2018-07-13,Active
Scribbler backstop,4.1,2018-04-20,2018-05-02,Active
Excreted valorous,4.9,2018-04-20,2018-06-22,Active
Bart darling,3.7,2018-04-20,2018-09-07,Active
Masterminds better,0.8,2018-04-20,2018-07-31,Active
Exiling Getty,4.7,2018-04-20,2018-08-26,Active
Percolates bustling,4.7,2018-04-20,2018-07-03,Active
Cigarillo Scotswomen,4.6,2018-04-20,2018-08-25,Active
Breathy schnauzer,0.2,2018-04-20,2018-07-18,Active
Indescribably slipper,0.7,2018-04-20,2018-05-18,Active
Tiddlywinks colluded,2.6,2018-04-20,2018-04-30,Active

Bing Ads Keywords

Forty random keywords for your Bing testing. Also check out the Apple Keywords page for multiple match types for similar keywords.
another California bread removing ,Phrase,0.41,Active
gladly therell
trust is ,Exact,0.16,Active
who better ,Phrase,0.01,Active
half arranged
deals rate ,Exact,0.38,Active,
dealt scholarships bears ,Exact,0.21,Active,
youd screenwriter funding forgotten ,Exact,0.27,Active,
tuition pensions check ,Phrase,0.32,Active
safe dreams raise
laws called ,Phrase,0.05,Active
can troubles ,Exact,0.59,Active
human terminate ucsb ,Phrase,0.57,Active
Working day ,Exact,0.16,Active
success imbalance ,Phrase,0.35,Active
benevolence single everything standing ,Exact,0.1,Active
town abiding ,Phrase,0.25,Active
granddaughter fill resisted ,Phrase,0.26,Active
supported voluntary gentlemen Vietnam
sufficient on ,Phrase,0.26,Active,
brackets there quite ,Phrase,0.02,Active,
proof big ,Exact,0.08,Active,
outcome party victors
survive objectives ,Phrase,0.19,Active
no" parents ,Exact,0.03,Active
by exaggerated ,Phrase,0.16,Active
illegitimacy Allies lunches ,Phrase,0.54,Active
capital needlessly regulate thirties ,Phrase,0.05,Active
coloring hardly gray generation ,Exact,0.57,Active
cultural lunch still ,Exact,0.34,Active,
mistake hospital ,Exact,0.38,Active
possible some city
foundation parole ,Exact,0.1,Active
prevailed mean enlarge bases
detailed body Treasury
office valley ,Exact,0.36,Active,
carving wars ,Phrase,0.08,Active
Truman Youll ,Exact,0.23,Active,
offered Bill ,Phrase,0.27,Active
not tried about ,Phrase,0.09,Active

Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Eighty random negative keywords for your AdWords testing. The word in red is an exact duplicate from a word in the above PPC Keyword list.
flag Anyone,Phrase
most livingour,Exact
achieved front,Exact
Vietnam valuable,Phrase
merely program,Phrase
justice dominates,Exact
wholeheartedly land,Exact
want sets,Exact
check breathe,Exact
responsibilities defense,Phrase
replacement itself,Phrase
best make-work,Exact
presidential ending,Exact
everything car,Exact
cushion apply,Phrase
failing rode,Phrase
various retirement,Phrase
heavily among,Exact
apply absorb,Exact
defense youtha,Phrase
unity recent,Phrase
temporary Governmentmust,Exact
grow outcome,Phrase
awe restraint,Phrase
women Youll,Exact
though cost,Phrase
plan forms,Exact
buy category,Exact
outlasted successes,Exact
terrible temporary,Exact
straight supports,Phrase
murdered questions,Phrase
helped body,Phrase
security gray,Phrase
managing keeping,Exact
inspiration draw,Exact
kept fees,Exact
gentlemen plan,Exact
America's believes,Phrase
people cured,Exact
evenhanded achievements,Exact
Chosin goes,Phrase
obliged honest,Exact
publics dying,Exact
recommendations front,Phrase
quite opposing,Phrase
voice alternative,Exact
pursue deals,Exact
Commissions ground,Phrase
fewer beliefs,Exact
open sweat,Exact
to foot,Exact
line spoke,Exact
American cuts,Exact
taxpayer conservation,Phrase
irresponsible opportunity,Phrase
cannot dreams,Phrase
oil regulation,Phrase
changes November,Exact
sometimes exits,Exact
number coordination,Phrase
own earn,Exact
criminals greatly,Phrase
re-election why,Phrase
Thank Bush,Phrase
pensions coordination,Exact
attempt profoundly,Phrase
chief truly,Exact
strong gracious,Exact
drive Vice,Exact
Working day ,Exact
not tried about ,Phrase
prevailed mean enlarge bases
success imbalance ,Phrase
human terminate ucsb ,Phrase
office valley ,Exact
gladly therell
laws called ,Phrase
possible some city
sufficient on ,Phrase

Bing Ads Sample for AdWords

Popular Running Spot, Looking for a great running spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Video Spot, Looking for a great video spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Prayer Spot, Know of a great prayer spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Tea Spot, Know of a great tea spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Know of a great walking spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Brunch Spot, Looking for a great brunch spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Breakfast Spot, Know of a great breakfast spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Dinner Spot, Know of a great dinner spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Lunch Spot, Need a a great lunch spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Drinking Spot, Searching for a great drinking spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active
Popular Shopping Spot, Searching for a great shopping spot, in Oneco Connecticut,,,Active

PPC Placements

Twenty random Placements for your AdCenter testing.,2.31,Active,,2.58,Active,,2.57,Active,,0.48,Paused,,1.21,Active,,2.18,Active,,1.18,Active,,1.4,Active,,2.66,Active,,2.29,Active,,0.81,Paused,,1.29,Active,,2.61,Active,,0.71,Paused,,0.14,Paused,,1.1,Active,,1.91,Active,,1.84,Active,,0.08,Paused,,1.15,Active,