Bing Rapid Ad

This page contains several random sample content to import to WordStream to test various Bing AdWords functionality. This page allows QA users to test various functionality to validate that everything is working. This page is no way endorsed or sponsored by Bing AdWords or by WordStream. This random run feature the city of Houston, Alabama.

Warning adding these keywords and Ads could results in excess spending or potential suspension due to policy violations.

Bing Campaigns

24 campaign names for your AdCenter testing.
Iowa wayside,Active,daily,21
Louisiana disobliging,Active,monthly,30
Georgia obliqueness,Active,monthly,46
Alabama insurgent,Active,monthly,12
West Virginia summer,Active,daily,44
Missouri fingernail,Active,daily,20
Florida interacted,Active,daily,30
Wyoming cottages,Active,monthly,2
South Carolina wobbled,Active,monthly,28
Nevada Minerva,Active,monthly,2
Illinois frothier,Active,monthly,15
Vermont slogan,Active,daily,27
Massachusetts hymn,Active,monthly,36
Minnesota handkerchiefs,Active,monthly,37
North Dakota preservative,Active,daily,2
Mississippi invincibility,Active,monthly,21
New York inconveniencing,Active,daily,15
Idaho resolution,Active,daily,14

Bing Ad Groups

20 ad group names for your AdCenter testing.
Carousers caning,0.2,2018-10-22,2018-12-12,Active
Abner decry,4.1,2018-10-22,2019-03-13,Active
Possibly acknowledge,0.4,2018-10-22,2019-02-22,Active
Trivialize creations,4.7,2018-10-22,2019-01-11,Active
Dissidence counteroffer,3.1,2018-10-22,2018-12-15,Active
Pared frippery,1.9,2018-10-22,2019-03-16,Active
Auditioned subheading,1.4,2018-10-22,2018-11-11,Active
Murk chickpea,1.9,2018-10-22,2019-03-14,Active
Grandstand conjuncture,4.1,2018-10-22,2018-12-09,Active
Frostbite through,3.1,2018-10-22,2019-03-25,Active
Falconry pouching,0.7,2018-10-22,2018-12-18,Active
Photosensitive Cooley,1.1,2018-10-22,2018-12-01,Active
Bono encoring,0.2,2018-10-22,2019-02-15,Active
Deceitful pledges,1.7,2018-10-22,2018-11-05,Active
Firestone dethrone,1.9,2018-10-22,2018-11-13,Active
Translated Pharaoh,3.8,2018-10-22,2018-10-27,Active

Bing Ads Keywords

Forty random keywords for your Bing testing. Also check out the Apple Keywords page for multiple match types for similar keywords.
couldn't defense country lives
Whatever you ,Exact,0.13,Active
Ford means ,Exact,0.38,Active
persuade notice ,Exact,0.17,Active
indeed administration brought Union
dying strings us ,Exact,0.29,Active
urgently limits ago ,Exact,0.27,Active
rules urgently shifting ,Phrase,0.32,Active
Vice enforce racial ,Exact,0.23,Active
really details downward renewal ,Exact,0.21,Active
life politics kept accomplished ,Exact,0.57,Active
nearly businessman ,Exact,0.56,Active
code speak
obliged farmer wages ,Phrase,0.06,Active,
pockets everything ,Phrase,0.55,Active,
quickly protested welcome ,Exact,0.34,Active
many merely ,Phrase,0.59,Active
domestic children Read political
courage earner ,Exact,0.58,Active
obliged pockets Office
dawn myself Message ,Phrase,0.24,Active
proposals patriot
incentives anti-aircraft ,Exact,0.01,Active
that's politician ,Exact,0.28,Active
foremost failure ,Exact,0.48,Active,
outcome aspects ,Phrase,0.45,Active
road until ,Phrase,0.26,Active
liquid California ,Exact,0.24,Active
benefits his ,Phrase,0.1,Active
perpetually watching passing unfortunate ,Phrase,0.29,Active,
across services failing conduct ,Exact,0.02,Active
arises moral ,Exact,0.2,Active
big regret
Trade field
you earnings ,Exact,0.04,Active,
honoring restrained ,Phrase,0.37,Active,
increase spare ,Phrase,0.48,Active,
better created unnecessary ,Exact,0.16,Active,
tend types what ,Exact,0.21,Active
reason neighbors strengthens lose ,Exact,0.37,Active

Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Eighty random negative keywords for your AdWords testing. The word in red is an exact duplicate from a word in the above PPC Keyword list.
got seems,Phrase
that yield,Exact
soared honor,Phrase
blunders casual,Phrase
opportunity reaffirm,Exact
inclusive educational,Phrase
amounts urgently,Exact
firmly getting,Exact
low-income bills,Exact
speculative assure,Phrase
understood grim,Phrase
cost communicates,Phrase
employed factories,Exact
leave say,Phrase
accept pillars,Exact
put generations,Phrase
exclude True,Phrase
endure false,Phrase
attack mess,Phrase
echoes Relief,Phrase
loved quite,Phrase
farmland vigorously,Phrase
newly wealth,Exact
America row,Phrase
effects lines,Phrase
president criminals,Exact
can survival,Exact
dispose bound,Phrase
tremble right,Phrase
abandon Read,Exact
borders whose,Exact
off-budget mistakenly,Phrase
low-income cost,Exact
on error,Exact
Code focus,Exact
wild Earlier,Phrase
constitutional topple,Exact
outcome purpose,Exact
ascending unlimited,Exact
up travels,Exact
runs woman,Exact
warsis do,Phrase
short bed,Exact
seeking notice,Phrase
prospect itself,Exact
object primary,Exact
educational we,Phrase
fault work,Phrase
raising ghosts,Phrase
body exchange,Exact
negotiate raising,Phrase
begged policy,Exact
raising hold,Exact
Reagan Division,Exact
program regulations,Exact
products any,Exact
Khe suggested,Phrase
pensions right,Exact
resource control,Phrase
immigrants present,Exact
unrelenting then,Phrase
hall takes,Phrase
recognize capacity,Phrase
lies proved,Exact
not mistaken,Phrase
benevolence effort,Phrase
opinion passage,Exact
belief not,Phrase
friends defense,Phrase
opponents Forge,Phrase
many merely ,Phrase
quickly protested welcome ,Exact
perpetually watching passing unfortunate ,Phrase
obliged pockets Office
courage earner ,Exact
incentives anti-aircraft ,Exact
couldn't defense country lives
you earnings ,Exact
Whatever you ,Exact
dawn myself Message ,Phrase

Bing Ads Sample for AdWords

Popular Dinner Spot, Looking for a great dinner spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Need a a great walking spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Parking Spot, Hungry for a great parking spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Need a a great walking spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Tea Spot, Know of a great tea spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Coffee Spot, Searching for a great coffee spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Thinking Spot, Need a a great thinking spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Brunch Spot, Searching for a great brunch spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Casino Spot, Looking for a great casino spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Prayer Spot, Need a a great prayer spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active
Popular Camera Spot, Searching for a great camera spot, in Houston Alabama,,,Active

PPC Placements

Twenty random Placements for your AdCenter testing.,0.7,Paused,,1.57,Active,,2.1,Active,,1.95,Active,,1.61,Active,,2.28,Active,,2.72,Active,,0.09,Paused,,2.4,Active,,1.26,Active,,1.75,Active,,2.8,Active,,0.33,Paused,,1.53,Active,,2.34,Active,,2.05,Active,,1.82,Active,,0.54,Paused,,0.95,Paused,,1.89,Active,