Verizon FIOS Install

The following chart shows my bandwidth speed under the Fios 5/2 plan:

Some notes about the Installation process

Keep in mind that when they say four hours, they mean four hours. This is because they have to do 4 things:

  1. Connect the cable to the house
  2. Connect the outside to a unit inside (Basement)
  3. Connect the Inside Unit to a base in the room where the Router will be
  4. Connect the Router and configure the computer

Before the Verizon person shows up, identify where you want the Fios jack to be installed. Verizon will have to drill a hole in the floor to install the jack. They won't use any existing phone jacks.

An alternative to step 3 is to put a wireless router downstairs instead of having them drill any holes in the floor. (This is something I should have done.) This is a good option if you are experienced with setting up your wireless connection this might be a good option.

Verizon will install this box on your house as part of the installation. Note the size of the box to the standard Faucet hose.

Macintosh Users

During the initial installation it appears that I wasn't getting the bandwidth. I just got Tiger for Mac OS X, and the install guy tried some Ethernet Booster, which didn't work.

No major problems with FIOS service. The router that came with the package died a couple of hours later, and I was able to use my old router. (They "give" you a router for free as part of the installation.)

If you have an Airport base station, you should be able to use that, probably best to wait till they leave since Verizon technically doesn't support anything but D-Link routers.

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