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September 16, 2021

Sisitsky vs Spicer in November

This past Tuesday was the primary for the Mayor of Framingham. There were three candidates running Charlie Sisitsky, Carlos Valadares and incombant Mayor Yvonne Spicer.

Official results can be found on the Framingham Election Page.

Charlie Yvonne

Framingham Turning away from Spicer?

Sisitsky received 4,401 votes, and Spicer received 1938 votes. Only 6,727 registered voters voted. This represents a 16.98% turnout.

This is a big upset for Spicer. In 2017, she got nearly 6,000 votes in the primary and 9,000 in the November election.

Fun Facts about Mayor Yvonne Spicer

First Mayor of the City of Framingham

Previously she was the Vice President for Advocacy and Educational Partnerships at Boston?s Museum of Science.

Was a Framingham Town Meeting Member representing precinct 6 and she served on the Ways and Means Committee

Mayor Spicer was instrumental in establishing the 2001 Massachusetts Technology/engineering curriculum framework and the first-ever Kindergarten through 12th-grade assessment for technology and engineering.

Lives in District 4

Fun Facts about Charlie Sisitsky

Current Occupation - Retired from 20-years of being the Director of Public Works in Natick MA.

Charlie served on the Town?s Finance Committee and as a Town Meeting member from Precinct Two.

From 1998 ? 2018, Charlie was an elected member of the Framingham Board of Selectmen, where he served multiple terms as Chairman.

Lives in District 3

Election Day

Voters go to the polls on November 2nd.

To find out where to vote, go to the City of Framingham voting page.

September 9, 2021

September 11 Memorial

The 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is this coming Saturday. This week, I thought it would be interesting to look at the 9/11 memorial in Framingham's Cushing Memorial Park.

Framingham Cushing Park 911

Interesting Facts about the Memorial

The Living Memorial was dedicated on September 11, 2014 - the 13th anniversary of the attacks. The ceremony featured 3,000 American flags to remember the victims lost in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania that day.

Seventeen trees were planted for those that perished in the attacks who had ties to the city.

In front of the gazebo is a stone monument of the names of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

The town of Framingham planted 3,000 American flags on the 10th anniversary. They will plant 3,000 flags this year on the 20th anniversary. The flags usually stay planted for 24-hours before they get removed.

During the remembrance in 2019, the city planted a Callery Pear ?Survivor Tree? across from the memorial.

There is a small stand to describe the memorial next to the memorial. The Parks and Recreation department is responsible for the care of the memorial and trees.

Framingham Victims

The names of the Framingham Victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, as they appear on the memorial:

  • Barbara Keating
  • Charlie Murphy
  • Christine Barbuto
  • Darin H. Pontell
  • Herbert W. Homer
  • John J. Wenckus
  • Judith Larocque
  • Laura Lee Morabito
  • Linda George
  • Lisa Fenn Gordenstein
  • Meta Fuller Waller
  • Neilie Hefferman Casey
  • Paige Farley Hackel
  • Robin Kaplan
  • Susan Mackay
  • Tara Shea Creamer
  • Tod Hill
September 2, 2021

Crispus Attucks Bridge

Crispus Attucks was a former slave in Framingham. He escaped and went missing. He "reappeared" in Boston and became part of history when he was killed at the Boston Massacre.

The Boston Massacre came about when a mob led by former slave Crispus Attucks began to assault soldiers on guard at the Royal Customs House (now the intersection of Congress and State Sts.) According to reports, "The soldiers fired into the crowd, and Attucks and four others were killed." Patriot spokesmen used the incident to have the soldiers withdrawn from the city (but not for long the soldiers were back in two years)

Crispus Attucks Bridge

Sign on the Bridge

Crispus Attucks Bridge

Crispus Attucks, a runaway slave, and patriot hero was born c. 1723 of an African father and a mother from Praying Indian Village of Natick. Crispus Attucks worked and lived near this bridge until he escaped in 1750 in search of his own freedom. On March 5, 1770, it became known that Crispus Attucks was the first person to die in the Boston Massacre, an event which initiated America's struggle for independence from British rule.

Framingham Historical Commission
Framingham Cultural Council
African American Heritage Committee
Framingham Historical Society.

Fun Facts about the Crispus Attucks Bridge

The Framingham Historical Society proposed naming the bridge in February 2000. Not all residents were favorited in naming the bridge. Many people felt that Crispus Attucks was more of a "thug" than a hero.

The bridge naming ceremony occurred on March 5, 2000 - exactly 230 years after the Boston Massacre.

March 5, 2000, was also announced as Crispus Attucks Day in Framingham.

The 20-foot bridge was last rebuilt in 1965. As you can see from the picture, the marker does have some wear and tear on it.

Crispus actually lived on what is Route 9, not far from where Route 30 and Route 9 intersects.

Location of the Crispus Attucks Bridge

The bridge is located at 670 Old Connecticut Path in Framingham. Massachusetts.

August 26, 2021

Framingham Centre Civil War Memorial Statue

If you drove around the Village Green at Framingham Center, chances have you probably seen a large status. This is located in front of the Edgell Memorial Library.

Framingham Civil War Statue

Eight Things I Learned About The Statue

Official Name of the statue is Framingham Centre Civil War Memorial Statue

Statue was built in 1872 as a special memorial for Framingham residences that gave their lives during the Civil War.

The sculptor was Martin Milmore. Some of his other works include The Soldiers and Sailor Monument in the Boston Commons, the Statue of John Glover on Commonwealth Avenue, and more. You can see Martin Milmore's signature on the back bottom of the statue.

It was made by Ames Manufacturing Company in Chicopee, Massachusetts. On the bottom front right, you can see the company name etched in the statue. You can also see the year it was made: 1872.

It cost about $3,000 to build ($65,788.19 in 2020) and was completely funded by George Phipps

The statue was originally located inside the building but moved outside around the turn of the century. There is a tablet inside that lists the 27 names of the Framingham men who died in the Civil War. The statue was likely located in the center of the Edgell Memorial Library entrance hall.

The statue was dedicated at the same time as the Edgell Memorial Library: Saturday, February 22, 1873. (February 22, 2022, will be the 150 anniversary) George B. Brown, Esq. gave the dedication speech.

George B. Brown, Esq. was chosen as a speaker as he organized the fundraising and construction of the memorial library.

Names on the Monument

These are the names of the 27 Framingham Soldiers that died in the Civil War. Most of the people on this list are buried at the Edgell Grove Cemetery & Mausoleum.

David Brigham Eames, John Carpenter, Timothy S. Boynton, William C. Babcock, Nathan D. Hosmer, Alfred B. Moulton, William F. Norris, James A. Rice, Sylvanus Phipps, John Hickey, Oscar G. Brown, Heman F. Cheney, Daniel W. Parmenter, Hector Ingraham, Nelson H. Howe, Major T. Harmon, John Ryan, Henry M. Putney, Charles Wright, Jonas E. Melvin, William D. Hudson, Henry A. Barker, Summer A. Davis, William F. Bullard, Theodore F. Russell, Benjamin Wadsworth, J. Sully Dench

Dedication Address

Part of the Address Delivered by George B. Brown, Esq., at the Dedication of Memorial Hall and Library Building, Framingham, February 22, 1873

"Time and tide wait for no man;? but for the completion of this building, we are fully aware you have had to wait many a sun's circuit, and many a flood and ebbing tide. All the whys and wherefores of this delay may per mission, rest alone in the bosoms of those who are familiar with all the details. If the cost for the faithful and worthy completion of this structure may seem large, and taxation to fulfill the obligations its erection imposes seem onerous, let us be consoled by the thought, that in our day and generation, if we have not done all that we could, we have at least left one monument of our more generous impulses, around which our children may gather with feelings of honest pride for the memories of their fathers....

Friends, the building the completion of which we today celebrate will decay. Time's ceaseless, tireless agents are already at work for its destruction; and some future age shall look on its crumbled ruins. But there is a MEMORIAL HALL of vaster proportions, whose walls age shall not crumble, nor time deface; and in niche and nave, on wall and ceiling, as on columns that support its measure less dome, are tablets, whose chiseled letters are the names of earth's past nobility, of every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. May their example in the past, blending with their soft cadences from above, whisper to us, ?Write your names also on the tablets of heaven!?

Work Cited:

Information about the Framingham Centre Civil War Memorial Statue was gathered from various news stories and published reports done at the time.

August 19, 2021

Gregory B Vilionitsky Bridge

Like many New England towns, Framingham has a lot of special monuments to remember various people and events. One sign that people may not notice is on a bridge on Route 9. The bridge over the Sudbury river is called the Gregory B Vilionitsky Memorial Bridge.

Gregory Vilidnitsky Bridge

Who was Gregory B Vilionitsky

Gregory B Vilionitsky was a MassDOT engineer that was killed when a drunk driver crashed into a construction site. This accident occurred on September 14, 2010, at 10:43 p.m. Gregory B Vilionitsky was 57 and a father of two.

Gregory B Vilionitsky was born and raised in Russia. He worked on various road projects in Israel. A few years ago he moved his family from Russia to America for a better life.

How the Bridge Dedication Came About

Representative Chris Walsh sponsored Bill H.3572 which dedicated the bride in Gregory B Vilionitsky memory. The bill was filed on June 27, 2011 - 286 days after the accident. It became active on December 28, 2012.

The bride dedication ceremony was on June 13, 2013.

The accident occurred on Rte. 9 near the Framingham/Southborough border - near the corner of California Ave and Route 9.

In 2009, Gregory B Vilionitsky actually helped construct the bridge that now bears his name.

Sign at the Bridge

In Memory of Civil Engineer,
Gregory B. Vilidnitsky

Who was unparalleled
in his spirit, charisma, and passion
in all aspects of life.

9/16/1952 to 9/14/2010

Drunk Driver

Maine resident Jeremy Gardner pleaded guilty to driving drunk and vehicular homicide charges stemming from the incident and in 2012 he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

August 12, 2021

Framingham Dog Park

Framingham will soon get a doggy park!

After many years of residents requesting a place for their pups to play, a park for dogs is coming in 2022.

Location of the Park

The Framingham dog park will be located in a strip of open land next to Farm Pond. Specifically its directly across from the Longs Athletic Complex.

Fram Bark Location

Features of the Dog Park

Some features of the park:

  • Fence in area so the dogs can roam freely.
  • Separate fence area for smaller dogs.
  • Play equipment in both areas - ramps, hoops, agility poles and more.
  • Shaded area for dogs to cool off on hot days.
  • Permeable surface so paws don't get hurt
  • Water for Dogs and their humans.
  • Special design lock system to prevent dogs from escaping.

The park is being designed by Radner Design Associates

Who's Paying for it?

The site is expected to cost around $262,000. About 90% of the construction cost will be covered by the Stanton Foundation Grant

In order to qualify for the grant the remaining 10% must come from the City of Framingham.

Opening Spring 2022

The planning committee hopes to welcome dogs in the Spring of 2022. Watch for more announcements and the grand opening celebration.

Learn More about the Movement

If you want to learn more, join the FramBark Facebook group. Additional information can be found on the City of Framingham website.

August 5, 2021

Framingham Birthday

The town of Framingham's official birthday is June 25th, 1700. The town is 321 years old. On January 1st, 2018 it became a city - 3 years old.

Nearby towns incorporations:

SudburySeptember 4, 1639381 years
Sherborn October 7, 1674346 years
Southborough July 17, 1727294 years
Wayland April 10, 1780241 years
Natick February 19, 1781240 years
Ashland August 13, 1846 174 years

Downtown Framingham2021

Fun Facts About Framingham in 2021

According to a 2019 survey, an estimated 74,416 people live in the city of Framingham. Updated numbers from last year's census won't be released until some time mid-August.

In 2020, there were 41,685 registered voters. 77.29% voted in the last president's election.

Framingham is the home to over 2,200 businesses with over 45,000 jobs and $3.1 billion in payroll, Framingham is one of the 33 Massachusetts communities to be rated Platinum the highest rating for readiness for biotech development.

In 2019, Average household income was $82,709. The Massachusetts average household income was $81,215. The United States' average household income is $61,372. (2017 numbers)

In 2014, Framingham was ranked the 4th Nerdiest City in America. (Bustle) Loosing to Oakland, California, Silicon Valley, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In the summer of 2021, the housing market is very hot. According to Redfin, 32% of homes accept an offer within a week.

July 29, 2021

Geocaching in Framingham

People love to visit Cushing Memorial Park in Framingham. It's a fun place to walk around and enjoy the great outdoors. For kids, there's a playground. fun places to ride their bikes, and lots of open space to run around or fly a kite.

Did you know there's a treasure in Cushing Memorial Park? No, not buried treasure.

The treasure is place by people participating in Geocaching - the world's larges treasure hunt.

Framingham Cushing Desktop
Framingham Cushing Mobile

What is Geocaching

If you're new to the concept of geocaching, think of it as a giant treasure hunt. Players stash goodies in publicly accessible outdoor locations, then post the GPS coordinates of these prizes on When other players find these hidden gems, they post their victory on the site's forums and then put the prize back for others to locate in turn.

Geocaching in Framingham

As of today, there are 26 geocaches in Framingham and 16 of those are places in the vicinity of Cushing Memorial Park. That's a lot is a lot considering one of the rules of placing geocache:

Geocache containers and physical stages of different geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart.

A physical stage is any object placed by the cache owner, such as a container or a tag.

Five Things We Learned

Some of the things we learned, without giving any clues to the location of the geocaches.

  • The geocaches are spread out through the park. It's fun to watch the kids try to find them based on vague hints and generic map locations.
  • None of the geocaches are buried - as per rule.
  • Some of the geocaches have places to jot down your name in a log. Bring a fine pen to write down your name.
  • A few of the geocaches have small trinkets. You can take one and leave small tchotchke for the next treasure hunter. Tchotchkes can be found at the dollar store.
  • Some of the geocaches are very well designed and really hard to find. Don't be discorage if you don't find it!

Fun Time at Cushing!

It will take about 45-minutes to find the geocache in the park. This is based on the complexity of the treasure hunt and the distance between the locations.

July 22, 2021

Frederick P. Stearns

As you drive down Winter Street in Framingham, you?ll see a large sign in front of the waterfall. This is the DCA sign letting people know that this is the Frederick Stearns Reservoir.

Mr. Frederick Stearns did valuable work in connection with securing a water supply from the Sudbury River and later as chief engineer, supervised the construction of a tunnel under Dorchester Bay and reservoir on Moon Island.

Under the leadership of Frederic Stearns, the Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Water Board, it was decided that the new water source should be gravity-operated and not require filtratio

Frederick Stearns Reservoir

Some Fun Facts I Learned About Frederick Stearns

Born on November 11, 1851 in Calais, Maine and move to the Boston area with his parents when he was 18

Full name is Frederic Pike Stearns.

Married Addie C. Richardson of Framingham in 1872.

From 1865 to 1907 he was the chief engineer of the Massachusetts Water Works.

He was the consulting engineer for the Charles River Commission. (1903 - 1910)

In 1905, he was a member of the Board of Consulting Engineerings of the Panama Canal. He was one of three experts engineers to advise President-Elect Taft on the Canal problems.

He had two sons Herbert R Stearns and Ralph H. Stearns.

Frederic Pike Stearns Monday December 1, 1919 he was 68 years old.

July 15, 2021

Framingham Recycle Center

Couple of notable things at the Framingham Recycling Center. It cost Framingham residents $20 a year to use the facilities - might as well get the most of your money!

Framingham Metal Collection

Metal Recycling

It costs nothing to dispose of any metal that you have. So if there?s something in your basement or garage that might - and your not going to use it any time soon - recycle it. Here are just some of the things I saw at the recycling center:

  • Deck Chairs
  • Window frames
  • Grills
  • Beach Chairs
  • Trampoline
  • Lawn motor
  • Scott?s Lawn spreader
  • Metal Shelves

Discoverbooks Framingham

Books Recycling

Last year we tried to donate a few shopping bags full of books. We couldn?t find a place. I did notice that the center has a couple of bins to recycle books.

Note: before recycling any old books check to see if they are valuable. has a couple of drop off bins for books. This is the only place around Framingham where we could find a place to drop off books.

Books that are left in these bins may get sold on their website or they may get donated to local libraries.

You can read more about services.