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Watch it when you drive

August 3, 2015

On the way home from Cape Cod this past weekend, we had a near accident that certainly would have changed what we would be doing this morning.

We were cruising on the fast lane on Interstate 495, somewhere near Middleboro, when I notice that the traffic in front of us was coming to a slow down. I slowed down leaving plenty of room between the cars. I didn't come to a stop, just went from 65 to about 35 in a fairly short distance.

As I was slowing down we suddenly heard behind us a loud breaking streaking sound. A sound that catches anyone attention, much like a police siren would. In my rear view mirror, I could see a red convertible coming up right behind me very fast.

The car veered off to the left side of the road partly hitting the guard rail and then coming onto the road in front of me. The car came to a stop in the dirt area between the guard rail and the fast lane. I am guessing that they were going about 70 mph and didn't notice the car in front of them was slowing down.

Luckily for everyone else the car didn't hit any other car. It looked like the car did get some scrap damage on the drivers side and it looked like the driver side mirror was hit. Had the driver not veered off our car would have gotten some serious body damage.

We didn't stop. None of the cars around us stopped or even pull over to see if they were alright. We were all happy that no other car was involved.

At first, I thought maybe to break lights weren't working on our car and that's why they didn't slow down, but they were checked only a couple of days ago. Also, no other car around us stopped suddenly. So this clearly wasn't our fault.

I was then concern that perhaps the driver would go after me in a road rage for causing damage done to his car. Perhaps in his worldview I did something wrong. So for the next ten miles or so I kept looking back to see if the red convertible was behind us. I kept looking. After a while, I figured that the driver must have pulled off the exit to get a better look at his car. After ten miles, he wouldn't have the ability to catch up. In addition, it went so fast that they wouldn't have had time to remember what car they almost hit.

So the moral of this incident is to always be watching what your doing when your driving. Don't always assume that the traffic in front of you is going the same speed as you are.


March 10, 2015

This is pretty cool thought of ways that the Apple iWatch may integrate with home automation systems:

As for home automation, the watch can detect your body temp and adjust the house temp to be warmer or cooler. So if your too hot from a workout, the house will be cool when you get home.

Parking Lot Availability

April 10, 2014

Just a quick update on the limited availability of parking spaces at the Framingham MBTA parking lot. In short, there isn't much parking spaces for commuters that take the commuter rail after 8am.

This morning, I noticed there was only one available parking space in the public commuter rail parking lot. This public parking lot is available for both monthly and daily commuters. This basically means that if your taking the 8:18 (P512) train out of Framingham, your fresh out of luck finding a space at the commuter rail parking lot.

If you are planning on taking the Commuter Rail out of Framingham on a regular bases, you should considered some of the alternative parking areas near the commuter rail. You are not guaranteed a parking spot if you sign up for the Monthly parking program. There is a two hour parking limit around many streets in downtown, this applies to meter and non-meter parking.

If you find a broken or missing meter you will get a ticket or your car could get towed if you park for more than 2 hours. Warning: The town is looking for additional reveue, and they will give you a ticket! There are 12 broken meter spots around the train station, and they are happy to write up tickets every day!

Here are some alternative parking areas around downtown. You will need to contact the owners before you park in the lots:

Stop and Shop Gasoline

December 22, 2010

This morning I saved $12.21 by filling up my car at a gas station that accepted the Stop and Shop Reward card. Simply by using the Stop and Shop card and buying things that we needed every day, I was able to save a lot of money at the pump.

I was very impressed with the saving $.80 a gallon and when I saw the price drop to $2.49 a gallon I was very surprised.

If you shop at Stop and Shop, check out the nearest Gasoline station in your area and see how much you save just buy purchasing groceries that you need anyways.

2010 Subaru Legacy / Outback Recall

June 9, 2010

Just got this notice for my 2010 Subaru Legacy:

During a quality review, we discovered that the plastic cover on your vehicle's ABS (anti-lock brake system) electronic control unit may have been cracked during the manufacturing process."

We suggest that you schedule an appointment with your Subaru Dealer as soon as possible to have your vehicle?s ABS electronic control unit cover inspected.